Very high battery consumption during tracking

Plex Alex shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

I have been using the app for some years and I like it very much. But I found always the battery usage during tracking little bit too high comparing to other tracking apps like OsmAnd.

I can monitor the cpu usage of your app during tracking and it's constantly using around 1% of the cpu time. Which forces the governor to increase the voltage and by this it eats up my battery in about 4-5 hours which is just not enough for a tracking. If the tracking is paused the cpu is still used. Thus it's not related to the accuracy of the tracking and so on ... If no tracking the app is stopped when the screen is off so no problem.

Mobile data is disabled during tracking to conserve energy.

I attache a screen shot which was taken when your app and the OsmAnd were tracking movements.

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Good day Plex,

I think that one time screenshot of current battery usage has no high value. A lot better is some long-term monitoring of battery usage of problematic app and comparing same time without using such app.

In case of Locus, you wrote that battery usage is based really just of active track recording (running, paused), right? What about "Enabled periodic updates", do you have disabled this option in settings?

I just returned from one small hike trip and I've recorded my movement for an 8 hours, together with 3 caches and a lot of watching on a map and it consumed around 30% of battery of my Z1C device (wi-fi and data connection disabled), so it should be some specific settings that cause this.


Thank you for your reply.

I'm using the default Locus settings.

Looks like Locus battery consumption is fine.

According to you experience I gave a try today my Nexus 5 which has almost stock apps, pretty basic. And turned out you are right, it's possible to use Locus all day. I got about 3% battery drop per hour. That was surprising.

In the past, my experience was based on my S 2-3-4 devices with quite a lot of apps installed. There I got about 10% drop per hour

I'll have to investigate what causes the big difference.

I see Google Play Services as a big battery eater so will be not easy to locate the exact culprit.

Thanks again for sharing your experience.


Hello, you are welcome.

With SGS2 I had also a good values if I remember, but I've tested previously SGS5 and battery was drained really fast mainly due to some pre-installed apps. Also because of this, such measurements are quite complicated and usually un-precise. I'm trying to reduce battery consumption in Locus as much as possible, but of course it may happen that any problem appear. But should not :).

Wish you good luck with finding a real reason of these troubles and in case I'll may help with something or you really find some issue in Locus, feel free to contact me (simply continue in this topic).