view pointing to wrong direction

stebu shared this question 6 years ago

I just got a new mobile (Samsung Xcover 2) and it shows the view (bottom panel, 2nd button from left) 90 degrees in wrong direction.

I seem to remember a discussion about this, but cannot find it. So could someone help me to find a setting to make this work correctly? Tnx!

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Hm, stebu there was some discussion here regarding Nexus 7:

Finally the setting to configure this was removed as Menion found an algorithmic way to do it correctly.


Tnx tommi!

It`s a new device for me, so maybe there were some other settings.

I`ve used it for one full day geacaching (as the driver) so I did not have time to twiddle with it. I`ll keep testing.


Mea culpa, as usual.

The configuration used hardware compass ONLY, so in the car the magnetic field was offset. When I changed settings to use GPS heading when speed is > 1m/s the view and map rotation work fine.

For my sake, this is "answered"