Visual Guiding for mountain bikers

Paul Mikhelson shared this idea 9 years ago
Gathering feedback

I use the offline turn by turn guiding quite often during my mountain bike trips and have my Samsung mounted on the handlebars.

I can't hear the voice guidance when riding so I think it would be a great option to have the directional arrows to appear larger on the screen and taking up the entire screen. Between guidance points the screen should switch off in order top save battery power.

The arrows should also be in high contrast as the screen is hard to read outside with the sun on it.

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11 votes"

I see 3.

What ever. I'm sure Menion knows about this topic - he has a roadmap and next step is coming ;)


Hi Gynta, aha yes ok, my mistake. ;-) and no reedit possible here in help desk ;-(

Here is the correct 11 votes link. Anyway tanks for the correction. I still need to ask some more information to Christian in the forum about this item: The arrow line to the next trackpoint should be kept ' cause its very helpful', as I am still strugling to find helpfull ..see the forum later this week pse.

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