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Dave Welsh shared this question 3 years ago

I did a search and did not find what I wanted to know. If I missed it please point me to the right place, Thanks.

The issue I am having is I ride a motorcycle, with a full helmet. I have very good IEM's sound reducing ear plugs. Often I have music or a pod cast playing, I am also deaf in the right ear so protecting my hearing is important.

I follow the voice directions that Locus gives me when I am in unfamiliar areas, or citites I do not know.

The problem is when I have the music volume set at a comfortable level, the directions from Locus are very quiet. I was using another TTS engine and did some checking and found SVOX which has an independent sound volume for the notifications. So I changed locus to use the notification stream and turned the volume all the way up on it. I want the turn by turn instructions to come through at a higher volume than the music.

Is this the best I can hope for or is there another place where I can turn up the turn instructions in side Locus. Looking down at a map on a motorcycle in a strange city is not a good idea.


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Hello Dave

And what's your question now?



ah I have some troubles with internet connection and seems that my previous answer was not send. And result - gynta was faster :). Aynway maybe you find my answer useful, here it is:

Good day Dave,

volume of voice announcements in Locus is not handled by Locus by your system settings.

I see an option in Locus > settings > misc >audio output . Here you may specify if Locus will use notification or music/video stream. So if you define here to use "Notification" stream, then you may separately specify volume for Locus (notification) and your music player (music/video).

Hope this helps you at least little bit. I personally use Locus also on moto and agree it's sometimes cumberstone to watch Locus down there and also all the cars in city.


Thank you Menion, that was very fast.

What you suggested I have done. Some TTS Engines allow you to set notifications differently than music. I will try it this week.