Warn user if no future alert is possible when POI Alert is started

Andrew Heard shared this idea 2 years ago
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Recently I wanted to set a POI alert for an upcoming walking track intersection but it had been quite a long time since I last used the facility. The alert never occurred because I didn't properly configure all the interrelated settings, of which there are quite a few. I hadn't enabled the folder containing my new point (or maybe the name had changed?).


My suggestion is to warn the user with a brief helpful message (maybe similar to changing presets) when the START button is tapped if no future alert is possible because of any of the conditions:

  • no folders are checked
  • or no points are defined in the checked folder(s)
  • or the Notify checkbox is unchecked
  • or all possible points are a long distance from GPS position, say 100km

Note all conditions above must be valid otherwise the alert will never occur.

I acknowledge the user may create a point in the appropriate folder after starting the alert system, but this seems a less common case, and the brief message is still of benefit.

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Hi Andrew,

when no folders are checked, there is still an option, that there are temporary points on the map (add-ons, gpx/kml files, ...), etc.

As I see POI alert screen, I'm thinking if "Notify when..." checkbox has any practical usage. Notification without a sound is usable? Seems not.

Warning that all points are too far ... what if you first enable POI alert and then display points for your trip.

Jiří M. aka Menion


This proposal does not hinder me.

The only thing is a limit of 100km. Normally I have activated folders where the points on the route are also 1000km. Point spacing sometimes more than 100km. Typically in these situations, I use a POI alert so I do not have to manually check the display for 150km. So the limit is not.

Another thing is, as if this check (suggested) worked in setting the alert for live map points.

While maintaining my existing functionality, I will not be bothered by any changes.


Hi Menion & Condor

Menion I agree the other situations you provide are valid - I said so in the last sentence of my suggestion.

And Condor I also agree the suggested distance is always going to be contentious. It was just an idea.

Guys, my main point is that setting up a successful ad-hoc POI alert requires quite a lot of settings in a few unrelated places. Not just the POI Alert screen but also adding the actual point into the correct point folder. In the heat of the moment, or first time user, or too long since facility previously used, it may not work, or not clear whether it will work until point is past and then too late, so any help/ hint/ warning from Locus like "hey stupid user you think you're going to get a nice alert in a little while but sorry I can see you haven't set up things properly" - OK not quite useful, but you maybe get my sentiment.


I fully understand Your intention.

But if we would approach each of the Locus functions. Then it would be a training trainer. But yes, there is a similar alert on the filter points. Depending on how you use it. For example, this warning would never happen to me. I have various ingredients permanently labeled. For example, radars, cameras, dangerous places, etc.

Another thing is how many people are using this feature? How much does he know how it works? On my lectures, 5-6 people know there is and 2-3 know how it works and uses it. From 25-30 present. Those 20, some other announcement would have even more complicated understanding.


I have one point in one folder. A folder selected for alert. I choose the kind of folder I want. But I forgot to show points. The result? No warning and no notices. And that's just one example.

I teach people to set this feature for 6-8 clicks. And use this feature for 2 clicks. Alternatively, 4 to select additional directories.


It seems you are more using permanent/ existing points for your alerts - clearly less to go wrong - just need to enable POI alerts. As you can read I am more considering this for an ad-hoc point.

Doesn't your final example support my suggestion? You forgot to show the point - but no warning - Locus could have told you that. Anyway, is just one experience. Probably next time I won't make the same mistake.


According to your description of the result, you would have to check each component (folder) separately. The red symbol zero (0) is a sufficient warning I think.

In that case, my Locus would always have reported the error!


To get a better understanding of me.

I agree with all the changes that will improve the use. But it must be a simple, understandable solution. They have to work for a wide range of people and activities.