Waypoint editing on the track doesn't move linked "red point" also

Bucky Kid shared this problem 9 years ago

Hello, I notice that on imported route from other application (no navigation commands) are red points present on the track. Since they have no senseful names I don't know exactly meaning of the red points. But when I move the waypoint in track editing mode, the track shape is changed accordingly, but the red point remains at previous place, so I think Locus should know to which waypoint the red point was tied and move it along with it's parent waypoint.

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it depend if "red point" is really connected to any track point or it just lay somewhere close to track, but not exactly on any point.

May you share any track with these points? I may test it. Thanks


Hi - the red points seem to import into Locus together with route from external source

Exported GPX file from application Cyklotrasy: http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/29976710/file.html

The red points however seem not to be bound to their nodes, in case of track shape edit they stay at old place:



the picture it shows that the red points when not bound to their nodes

are unwanted (cause garbage on map after track edit).

So it would be good to either

- bind the points to their nodes and move them too in case of edit

- add Locus feature to completely wipe all dummy red points from track (they're redundant to the track)

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