Timestamp waypoint naming in track record mode

Luke Galyan shared this idea 2 months ago
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When adding a waypoint the default name is the current date and time, which is perfect. However when adding a waypoint from the trac recording area the default name is point1, point2, and so on. When a new track recording is started and waypoints added to that new track, the naming starts over at point1, point 2, etc. When exporting the track recording and its waypoints then loading them into other software the duplicate names can crate confusion. Each track will have point1, point2, etc. This duplicate waypoint naming can get confusing. Can we make it so wayponts added to a track get the default name of current date and time just as adding points on the map get? This would clear up a lot of confusion for many users. Thanks! Sorry if this is a duplicate, I tried to create this question a nd my browser locked up when I hit submit.

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Hi Luke,

thanks for your message. I've changed the question to an idea so that other users may vote for it. Your request seems legit, let also others have their say.