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Waypoint to navigate

Jelle Ruben shared this question 7 years ago

Hello, I have a kmz file with 20 waypoints, now can I load the file in Locus Pro. Is it possible to navigate to waypoint 1, if I reached waypoint 1, that Locus navicate me automatic to waypoint 2. Ect.

I hope you understand my question.

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by default it is not possible because Locus is not able to recognize the order or sequence of point you want to use for navigation. I'm not sure how you want to use it but there is probably following workaround:

- display all points on map

- start function Menu > More > Add new route and measure

- create new track - tap on points in order you want to navigate or you can tap on any place on the map

- save track

- finally tap on created track and from bottom menu start Guiding

In case that you want to be notified that you reach any point see Menu > Settings > Guiding > Next point notification.


Allright thanks for this tip..

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