waypoints off-road route planning

Marius Moldovan shared this idea 3 years ago


Maybe I do not know how to do it,but I cannot find a way to prepare a route for off-road hiking in locus

I exported from google earth a .kmz with some 35 points ( or Basecamp .gpx file with waypoints planned) and imported this into Locus into a separate folder.

I want to find a way to plan an off-road route(there are no pathways/roads/etc in that area) which means direct guidance point-to-next point( direct line of sight )

Because of big number of waypoints..is difficult to use Menu > More > Add new route and measure and find on map so many points.

It would be nice to implement or 1. a waypoint chooser for off-road route planner (and manually choose the order of waypoints) to be guided point to point with remaining distance/time/statistics or

2. an automated waypoint chooser which looks into a specific folder from Points and make the route from waypoints in the exact order that are displayed there.Eventually there can be a name convention like Brouter navigation (""from"", ""via 1""..... ""via 30""... ""to"" waypoints )

This feature I miss from my Garmin off-road gps which can guide me directly point to point on a long hiking with no paths on the map

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A series of points is a track, if formatted accordingly. So this is more of a conversion topic, I think.

Did you try http://www.gpsies.com/convert.do ?

Good luck and cheers



Thanks for the link..I already do conversions offline with GpsBabel

So if all my points are inside a container(gpx,kmz,xls,gdb) I can transform them in a track and then follow track as navigation in locus

But that's work to do..and sometimes I'm in the mountains with no internet connection and no desktop with converter tools.All I have is some 30-40 waypoints from the area downloaded already in a folder in locus and I want to be able to quickly make up a route to follow on the spot.(all to be done only in locus..and the Add new route and measure method takes much time and precision to exactly choose the existing waypoints from the map view).Much easier will be if @menion would implement here a tool for waypoints choosing from the database


OK, got it. If it's some dozen, but not 100s, the "Add new route and measure" is not too cumbersome. I have used it from time to time. And mind, that sorting POIs is not free of manual work either ...

Just my 2c.


Aaah so, Marius you're also here, not only in the "Multiple Waypoint navigation" section ;-).

And about the above reply by Michael...I agree, nothing to add.



Good day Marius,

thanks Michael and Willy for opinions, appreciate it.

Unfortunately I see it similar ... using "Add new route" is not too cumberstone if we talk about up to cca 30 points. For more, yes, it may takes a lot of time and sorting, as Michael correctly mentioned, may take even more.

Idea declined for too low benefit for most of users, very rare usage, existing workaround and too much work on my (Locus) side. Thanks for understanding.