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WAypoints restore

kwizatz haderach shared this problem 8 years ago

Hello! Is there a way to restore waypoints that have disapered after a Locus crash?

In Data I had several Folders in the Points Tabs and now only have Favorites and My Points (that I think are default folders, because I've never created them). My last Backup is from September 5th, because the autobackup is not working. I can restore that backup, but I ask if my data is stored anywhere in Locus directories and in a way that I'm able to restore them or import to another application.


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I'm sorry for crash and loosing data but if you can see only default folders then the only way how to get data back are the earlier backups.

Points and track are stored in sqlite database in Locus/data/database. However if you want to use Locus points in another app I suggest to exportem them as GPX or KM and then use exported files for import.


Thank you for your reply. I need to backup more frequently.

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