Wear for Locus on Ticwatch E shows no position mark

Hartmut S. shared this question 3 years ago

I'm using a Ticwatch E with „Wear for Locus Map“ connected to my Sony Z1 Compact with “Locus Map Pro” installed. On my Sony Z1C I use the “Openandromaps” since years.

When I connect my “Wear für Locus Map” (GPS Ticwatch on) to my Sony Z1C (GPS on), the Watch shoes the correct map with my position somewhere in the middle of the display. But… there is the blue mark missing on the display exactly showing my position. If I enable the display on my Sony Z1C and step into Locus Pro the blue position mark is activated on my Ticwatch too… until the display of my Smartphone is deactivated after some seconds idle… then the position mark disappears on my Ticwatch.

Have you some hint or idea what may be configured wrong on my Smartwatch and/or my smartphone? I would be happy to find always my exact postion on the Ticwatch marked.

Thanks in advance


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Hi, I believe this is because of an issue as described in this comment : http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/does-wear-for-locus-map-display-tracks#comment-49376, the watch losing connection with the phone when phonescreen is off.

Turning on "Locus Map as service" in Settings/Miscellaneous might help.


Thank you very much for your quick response and your hint.

I turned on "Locus Map as service" and i disabled Sonys Stamina-Mode (Energy-Saving Feature) but... if the phonescreen is the connection gets lost.

But now i know the reason for my problem, this is the first big step. I'll make some tests with different settings, at worst i have to keep the display active... but then my Sony will be connected to a powerful powerbank ;-)

Best regards


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