Weather forecast: Show used station on map

Georg D shared this idea 2 years ago
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The weather forecast does usually not find a station at the exact place (POI, map centre,...) and thus uses a station nearby. But where is that station? If no name is shown or you're not familiar with the area, it would be nice to be able to click the station's name (or number/coordinates/... if no name is provided like in central Iceland) and have the map centered at the station. So it shall be the opposite search direction than a click on the circle at the right of the station's name.

Motivation: The feature wish came in two situations

  1. Few stations: In sparsely populated areas like central Iceland, the "nearby" station can be quite far away and I would like to know how far. Similar in less developed areas.
  2. Exact station position is relevant: In alpine terrain, high
    mountains act as a weather barrier, so it's quite relevant to use a
    station on the "correct side" of the mountain.

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Using could be a solution. Whole world is covered, and you can choose the exact place on a map. So there is no station dependancies. More, the elevation of the place is taken into account to show the temperature at the elevation of that place. Very useful in montainous areas.