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Weather, contacts, foursquare, latitude, geocaching.

CrescendoFang Angeloid shared this idea 10 years ago

Maps-integrated current weather condition. Auto load contacts, foursquare places, latitude, geocaching things and display as POI icon on the maps.

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Maybe this is an extended idea similar to this one:

I like it anyway :D


I'm closing this topic, because it's too general.

- weather forecast is a separate feature and if you want to see it on a map, there exists various overlays.

- auto-loading contacts: don't know if this may be useful feature. I'm worried it will only slow down whole system because of need for geocoding addresses to coordinates

- foursquare: should be done in separate existing add-on. For this ask add-on developer

- latitude: same as for FourSquare, anyway as I know, Latitude is deprecated by Google

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