Web page intent capturing

Wojciech Rygielski shared this question 5 years ago

One of my apps - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.rygielski.roadrunner&hl=en - integrates with Locus (and other geocaching-enabled apps) via capturing the "open web page" intent. Locus is just one of many apps my app integrates with this way, that's why I didn't use Locus API for this - I wanted this to work in similar fashion across all the geocaching apps.

Some of my users reported that they could not use my app with Locus anymore. I checked, and indeed, something has changed in the "open web page" intent in the new version of Locus. When I select the "Web page" option from the menu, this is what I see:


And this is what I used to see (in earlier versions):


What can I change in my app to bring the original behavior back?

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Good day Wojciech,

hmm good point. I've changed default Android system to Locus-own chooser, because of some problems with offline (local) web pages that are sometimes included in KML files.

Anyway you are absolutely correct, that Locus should also include 3rd party apps, other then web browsers, into list of offered apps. So it should be fixed in next Locus version. Let me know if there will be any problem and sorry for a troubles.


Thanks, I'll try to check with the next version! :)