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What exactly does "Display only" do when importing GPX/KML?

joeloc shared this question 8 years ago

I am a bit confused as to what "Display only" exactly does in Locus import window. Is it basically the same as enabling the given file as a mapItem? I do not get the funky new KML selector box though.

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Hello joeloc,

quite good question. To make it shorter - long time ago, both options (import > display only and items tab) used same functionality. As I see now, both use little bit different approach with same core (xml parser). In the end, they behave little bit differently. It is not an intent, more it's side effect of active development.

Simple suggestion is to use import > display only for quite quick display of files on map without need to fiddle with database or copy them to mapItems directory. System of "Items" use for work with files repeatedly or in case, you want to browse a structure of KML/KMZ files.

Not sure if I answered You, but at least you now may know, that you are not crazy when it works differently :).

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