What is the right way to log caches with trackables after a long caching day?

konsumschaf shared this question 4 years ago

Here is what I would like to do:

Go for a caching day, mark every found cache as found and in the evening (using WLAN) I can edit every log entry with an individual log in the order I logged them, afterwards I would like to chose what happend to the trackables I have with me and log online.

What I can do right now:

Log online, chose the trackables and edit the logs in the evening on the groundspeak site. Does not work out well if no internet is available in the field.

Or I log offline, edit the logs in the evening and upload the logs. Than I have to go online to groundspeak and fix the missing trackables for every entry.

Or I log offline, edit the logs in the evening, look for each cache in the list of the found caches (remember to keep the right order) and log from within each cache individually including the trackables.

None is really handy.

So, am I missing something or is there just no easy way to log the caches together with the trackables?

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Hello konsumschaf,

unfortunately your observation is correct. Trackables in Locus are mainly working for immediate online logging, but later offline logging or logging in batch together with caches is not yet done.

As I see, interest in trackables isn't big ( http://help.locusmap.eu/search/trackables ), so I had no serious reason to invest more time into this task. Anyway if no existing topic describe exactly what you need, feel free to create new topic, where others may vote if find your idea interesting.


Hello Menion,

OK, I see. So I will sort my thoughts on a proper TB-workflow and open one or two proposals for this.


Perfect. Keep in mind, that better name and description means easier to find for other people which means more votes. I agree that trackables in Locus may be improved, but I needs to see bigger interest because otherwise I have a lot more other tasks to do.