What watch would you recommend ?

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I do not wear a watch on a daily baisis

Yet, i am considering buying one for when I am hiking

- I want to display/ Use Locus map. (currently using it in a Samsung S4)

- I want to get info like altitude, heart rate .. that kind of stuff.. leverage Locus map

What watch would you recommend ?

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it is difficult to answer such question and I would recommend to just explore the watches for yourself and consider what other features and properties are a priority for you.

Wear OS add-on is usually working quite fine and should be comaptible with any Wear OS watch on the market. Add-on for Samsung watches has a better adoption and is integrated with Locus Map better and so we are probably more likely to introduce new features for it than for Wear OS add-on. But HR data are not synchronized currently in Samsung add-on, but the support is planned. Both Samsung Gear&Galaxy Watch and Wear Os add-ons work as companion apps and can stream rendered map form the phone, control track recording and show various track values and statistics.

There will also soon be a beta version for Garmin watches. That add-on will be a bit different and will also offer some stand-alone navigation and track export/import features and will be generally more integrated with the possibilites of the Garmin platform.

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Samsung gear sport works excellent with locus watch - great battery life - waterproof. I have used it for up to 3 days navigating throughout the day on the bike.

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