What's more precise to mesarure speed on bike rides? Blue Tooth sensor or GPS sensor?

Benjamin Brücker shared this question 3 years ago

Of course I guess both have pro and cons.

I have mixed experiences. E.G. the speed sensors need to be set-up. Maybe pressure on the wheels can make a slight difference. But current sensor is broken after a ride in rainy conditions. So I‘m asking myself if a speed sensor is valuable, or cadience is enough. On the other hand GPS sensors in mobile phones can be quite different. On my MotoZ play I regognize during rides sometimes jumpes of 12 km/h within seconds. Luckely this happens not quite often, but from time to time. My old Sony Z3 was much better, but the phone had poor battery.

What are your experiences (esp. in connection with locus)?

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for measuring actual speed, the BT sensor is best solution. However, its values are not recorded and used for calculation of average speed, max speed etc because Locus needs this values georeferrenced (with GPS coordinates).


Hi Michael,

interesting information. Actual Speed is not that interesting for me. But it is good to know, that the sensor does not make difference for the recording.


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