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What's the best way to create an offline gazeteer of street names?

Chris Hastie shared this question 9 years ago

I need to create an offline gazeteer (index) of street names that I can search using Locus. I am using the data from OS Locator ( for this.

I have taken a subset of the data, converted the co-ordinates to WGS84 and reformatted it all to use the same table format as GNS data. This is working OK, but I only need three fields (latitude, longitude and name) so I wonder if there is a simpler table format I can use? Also, currently I have repeated the name across several of the fields. Which does Locus actually use? It would save me some space to only fill this one in.

Or is there a better (more efficient) way for me to create this gazeteer? Does it have to be text or could it be sqllite? Could I create POIs of street names instead? If so, what is the best import format for POIs? Or could I just search for names in vector maps? Seems like that ought to be possible.


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Good day Chris,

implementation of GNS in Locus is quite old, and it definitelly isn't perfect. I'm anyway checking existing code and seems that Locus use only columns

22 - as name,

3 - latitude

4 - longitude

15 - altitude

rest seems to be ignored. So you may just insert empty spaces into other columns, if this helps.

Seems also that OS Locator data are quite nice and usable dataset and I may imagine direct support in Locus. Anyway it's similar to support for GeoNames/GNS data - low interest from users. Anyway if you will want, you may post this as a new idea. Maybe amount of users (votes) surprise us.

And about better solution - I think that this is most simple solution for now.

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