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When the coordinates were changed, the going to map doesn't work

rvheddeg shared this problem 7 years ago

1) Open a geocaching mystery

2) Change the coördinates

3) Press the "Map" icon

4) The map is not centered on the (new coördinates of this) cache

See video

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Good day rvheddeg,

unfortunately I'm unable to simulate this issue even that I do exactly same steps as you on the video. Do you have same issue when you change coordinates by different method then just "Clipboard"? When you return to map, point is placed on correct place? And last one, do you have latest version of Locus Map 3.24.2? Thank you.


I had the same issue today.

But, when I closed and restarted the app, the problem was gone...

My phone is a Samsung S7

Locus Version is 3.25.5

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