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When using bluetooth provider having no data about satelites...

ulmus shared this question 9 years ago


when i use internal gps or bluetooth gps connected via internal locus bluetooth connection,

i can see, on locus gps/compas tab screen, positions of satelites.

But when i am using some bluetooth provider like 'Bluetooth GPS' or 'Bluetooth GPS Provider' to connect my receiver with Locus, i can see GPS position, accuracy, latitude, last fix, all data under that circle with satelites, but no data on that circle about satelites. Is it normal or Locus cannot handle that data, or BT provider doesnt serve such data? I tried few providers and the same.

Enabling 'mock gps provider' i thought that just whole nmea stream is send to applications and then it can show satelites data. btw, in provider app i can see satelites circle 'map' with info about their signal strength...

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"Enabling 'mock gps provider' i thought that just whole nmea stream is send to applications"

It's not correct. By enabling 'mock provider', application that handle data, also parse these data and to listeners (like Locus in this case), send already parsed location objects!

To be true, I don't know if it's possible to send also in this way a satellite data.

Anyway I'm almost 100% sure, that it's not a problem in Locus, because Locus already correctly handle data from internal or BT GPS (in case, it's possible to connect).


It means that it is misadvantage of BT gps providers :( cause i cannot see satelites data with BT provider, just screen looks worse :) without that picture :)

So... i thought that there is no difference between internal GPS and connected through BT GPS receiver. But... when i connect BT GPS with internal locus BT connection then i have all data available... strange... what BT provider do with data not giving that to the listening application... i thought that data from internal gps, from locus bt gps and from bt provider are the same... pity that they're not :(


No it's ...

- work with internal GPS and BT GPS connected by 3rd party apps are same!

- work with BT GPS connected directly in Locus is different

unfortunately, I can't do anything with this.


Hmmm, your answer confuses me because:

-work with internal GPS: i can see circle with satelites in Locus

-work with BT GPS connected directly in Locus: i can see picture of satelites within circle in Locus

-work with BT GPS connected with third party app like 'Bluetooth GPS Provider': i cannot see any satelites in the circle but have all data in the table below, and of course all is working great

so, how can i understand yours:

"- work with internal GPS and BT GPS connected by 3rd party apps are same!"



Simple - Locus do not parse any data from internal GPS or GPS connected with any 3rd party app - Locus just receive already parsed data and work with them. If 3rd party app do not send any data (like info about satellites), it's not a problem of Locus.

So generally, Locus do not see if data are from internal GPS or from 3rd party app. They behave exactly same inside app.

But data from BT GPS connected directly to Locus are generated from raw NMEA messages and are completely handled by Locus itself. So if required data are in NMEA messages, they should be also visible.



Thank you!

Better! :)

It means that BT providers should be better and send all data they receive, not only some of them, as they do now :)



But! as I wrote here - , I'm not 100% sure if it's possible to send also satellite data.


If in internal gps i can see satelites and you say that internal gps and gps through 3td parties app are handled the same but i cannot see satelites when with 3rd party app, then all depends on data from 3rd parties:) so, it is possible but BT provider doesnt send that data... if i understand right:)


I think, it's not needed to go deep into some developer possibilities. Theoretically yes, it's possible, but I'm not 100% sure. Please end of discussion :). Thanks

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