When to expect new versions of vector maps?

rvheddeg shared this question 7 years ago

My vector maps are all from 2013-10-28. We are now more then 3 months later.

May I ask for updated maps please?

Also, I read somewhere on this forum that you were planning to add more features to vector maps and that they were going to be released in January. Alas, I didn`t find this post anymore. Any updates on this?

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generation of whole world current take more then month on more then average computer. We have to optimize this process in near future. Anyway maps are now generating and probably in the middle of February will be available for download.

About extra features ... we have a small delay, anyway brave plan is to have support for offline POI till end of June, and offline address till end of September. Hope this is not too brave :)


Thanks for this info. One idea: you can generate maps for states more frequently downloaded (your stats) more often.

More sophisticaly, it could be driven also by number of entities changed in OSM if that is a stat easy to get.

BTW, beautiful visualization of OSM density: http://tyrasd.github.io/osm-node-density/#5/50.000/8.000



thank you for interesting map. Honestly we generate some regions more often then other parts of world. On the other hand these "hottest" regions are also more detailed so the generations takes more time then the rest of the world.

There is new version of vector maps in Locus store (2014.06.10) for Europe, USA, and Japan and generation took almost three weeks.

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