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Where are my Downloaded maps?

Lee Waldmiller shared this question 10 years ago

I have downloaded numerous maps that took me almost two weeks to get them all. My tablet screen broke on one of my excursions. I have a new tablet and want the same maps, but do not want to take the time to reload them. Is there a way to get them from my old tablet (functionally everything works, you can just only see half my screen) and put them on my new tablet? If so, where would the map files be, what would they be called, what is the file extension? This would save two weeks of downloading for me. Thank you.

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Hello Lee,

you have to find on your card or internal memory, directory "Locus". Check that in this Locus/maps are all downloaded maps. Then you simply copy this directly into the new device in root folder. Again doesn`t too matter if you`ll use SD card or internal memory, it`s just SD card have usually more space, internal memory is faster. Then should all works fine together with your points/tracks etc. Only this that is not stored in directory is settings itself, so you`ll have to define own settings on second phone, or use Backup feature of Locus.

Hope this helps you

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