Which external GPS/GLONASS receiver do you recommend (for mountain bike tours) ?

HEIKO THOMAS shared this question 2 years ago

It's for a long distance tour in Caucasus mountains. Should be accurate in case I use offroad trails, lightweight, small, somehow robust and easy to recharge. Maybe also used for mountaineering.

The GPS of my Moto G4 phone is awful.

I use LoMaps maps. If there are more deatiled maps let me know.



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better visit our forum.locusmap.eu and ask other Locus users, or some other GPS-dedicated forum. We in our team have no or just small experience with external GPSes. Nevertheless, Locus doesn't support BT 4.0+ devices - you have to install some auxiliary external app managing BZ GPS devices from Google Play.


Hi, I'm new here.

I have a Dual SkyPro XGPS160, its a Bluetooth GPS + GLONASS and run ok with Locus Maps Pro, its a logger too, and mine have more than 10 hours to battery.

Good luck.

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