Whoops! cl$!, code 11107 when downloading SRTM data on FUP

Pavel Cimbal shared this question 5 months ago

I have 64 kbps FUP, and I am unable to download small 0.9 MiB of SRTM. According to TCPDump, it's the Locus, who kills, with no reason, the otherwise healthy non-stalled working TCP connection! Why the hell?

When data flow, just wait for download to complete!

Regards, PC.

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Dear Pavel,

thank you for the post. Unfortunately we aren't able to find any solution for this situation.

I can only suggest to copy the url (if you can see it in TCPDump) and download the file using web browser (save and unzip the file into folder /Locus/data/srtm

Thank you for understanding

Best regards