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Why did Locus' gps accuracy turn to integer format, not fractional (0.0)?

Alight shared this question 3 years ago

(sorry of poor English!)

Since the end of May 2015 in GPS tab of my Locus Pro the GPS accuracy appears in integer of meters, although before it was in more precise fractional (0.0) format.

Is that normal?

How can I bring back fractional format of GPS accuracy?

Do you find useful "accuracy" values with decimal precision (like '6.3 m' instead of current '6 m')

  • Yes
  • No
  • Doesn't matter
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Hello Alight,

there were small changes in formatting of numbers. So this change seems to be unwanted side effect. On second side, integer accuracy is a lot more logical as accuracy of modern GPS units is still closer to 10 meters then do some decimals. Also numbers are not real exact values, but just computed based on received values and some estimates. Real values may differ less or more.

Thanks for understanding.


Hello, Menion! Thanks for an answer!

Of course, I know that real gps accuracy is about 2...3 meters, or even more coarse, but it was very useful to sens and to trace the current gps signal quality and conditions by watching the accuracy parameter in real time on my dashboard. I also use the number of currently used sats, but they are not so indicative.

Android sends the gps accuracy in 0.0 format, so now Locus is processing it to more coarse. I really enjoy Locus pro for it's precision and flexible adjustment abilities, so I was very confused of that fact of "coarsing".

Please, bring back the native system accuracy to Locus in future update :) I guess is not so hard to do, but this is very important for me.

And thanks for really great app!


Hello Alight,

so to summarize it:

Why to set "only" integer precision:

- GPS accuracy is (except rare cases) worst then 0.5 m, so decimal precision is not useful here

- on small devices, every free pixel counts, so less numbers, more free space, better design

- from usability point, integer number is better readable then decimal number. Just just see "5 m", and not "5.3 m".

Why to set decimal precision:

- because you like to watch, how numbers change

Am I correct? :)


I understood.

Yes, this seems like just my wish.

I just think if it already was decimal, so why to coarse it specially? But you said it was a kind of accidental side effect:) so, maybe I am right? :-)

Look, all other parameters of dashboard on the same screen space - like track distanse, speed - still has desimal place, although all they are depends on the gps precision... So why it must be rounded off? :(

Ok, Menion, if it is too hard to fix it, dont do this, but if you will - maybe it can be realized switchable, in Settings? And people with small screens may leave accuracy integer, but all other can choose decimal... a? :) I hope you'll understand me!

(maybe add it in config.xml, or so?)


Nono you are correct. Change was partially side effect. Few versions ago, all base parameters were formatted in similar way. This has changed and now I define how precisely I wants to display certain parameters.

In case of distance and accuracy (both are formatted in same way), was reduced number of decimal numbers to 0, because of they far more precise, then received values. Only exceptions are total track length, track negative and positive distance. But why, to be true, I have no idea :).

Anyway because I consider Locus to be a free software (in terms of free space to say it's opinion), let's do small poll and we will see.


The poll? Well, why not... but I'm afraid people will get the same traditional influence on their minds - "GPS didn't really have 0.0 presicion, blah-blah-blah" :-))) and I will lose my favorite decimals! :)

Maybe it's just better to do this adjustable in settings? All these parameters, available on dashboard - distance, current and avg. speeds, height and so on... And people will decide themselves every time how they like. I think it's most universal.

(by the way - the track width parameter, for example, has decimals, although it measures in pixels :)


I see in config.cfg the string like this:


# define number of decimal places for all "Angle values" in range 0 - 5 (default: 0)



This is exactly what I mean! It can be great to do like this for accuracy too :)



gps accuracy is between roughly 3 and 10 m

AND a inaccurate gps hardware in my poor mobile.

6 - 6,5 - 6,2 - 6,75 - 7 whatever

All of this values are not real - it only means: "very good gps signal"

So, it makes no sense to have more digits on the screen and have to vote "No"


Well, I knew that people will say like this :(

Gynta, of course you right. But what if you have more precise hardware with GPS+Glonass, or use some kind of averaging algorythm within? I mean if system already gives decimal places, why do we need to coarce it specially?

Well, Menion already explained above, but...

Anyway, I think the best way is to give the possibility to set the precision by the user (is this too complex in code?).

But Menion will deside.


a config? why not.

a setting? why not

Sorry Alight - but in this poll, Menion only ask:

>Do you find useful "accuracy" values with decimal precision...?


Yes, Gynta, I know... I'm just want to win the poll so much and get my precision back again! :))


how to adjust GPS accurate on your lotus map that not show on right position ?

Would you please show the step of setting ?


Hello Jaff, it's not possible to adjust GPS accuracy. The GPS accuracy is depending on several aspects:

- quality of your device

- terrain conditions

- weather conditions

It means that you get the best results with a high quality device monitoring both GPS and Glonass networks on an open space with wide view of the clear sunny sky.

Another aspect influencing mainly the speed of GPS fix is up-to-date A-GPS data or good GSM/LTE/Wifi signal.

Smoothness of using GPS can be also secured by not turning it off either manually or by the application itself (see settings >GPS and location>Disable location or Internal GPS auto-off)

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