Why GPS accuracy in 5 meter steps?

svartbjorn shared this question 9 years ago

GPS accuracy used to be displayed with a number with one decimal, i.e. with 1/10 meter resolution. Some time ago I noticed the resolution changed to 5 meter steps! Why?

This is not a Locus specific issue. I see it on my different GPS apps. And it is not specific for my phone or Android version. I see the same on other phones too. Anyone knows?

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you really see such values? I think it have to be something in your ROM. At least in case of Locus, there is not any post-processing of accuracy value, so exact value, Locus receive from GPS modul, is displayed.


Yes, sounds reasonable it is related to the ROM. As I said it is definitely not related to Locus since all my GPS apps (two different GPS Status apps) display the same thing. I asked here in case this was experienced ny other uses also. I see it on my my wife`s phone too. On the new Galaxy S3 of a colleague of mine, accuracy is displayed with 1 meter resolution.

Thank you for answering!

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