Why is field note process so slow?

stebu shared this problem 6 years ago

When I create a new (usually Found it) field note every step seems to be very slow.

1)The Field notes window takes about a second to open, I have prefilled text with time and find count.

2)The OK button seems very unresponsive, sometimes the color does not change even when the click has been received by the system.

3)Displaying the field notes for a cache takes also rather long.

Usually I only have less than 100 notes in the fieldnotes.txt file.

Is this a bug (inefficient code)?

Has anyone else noticed this?

Or is my Blade just so slow?

This is on Pro 2.5.4, and earlier versions.

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I`m changing this to "Problem". Because in your case is problem "less then 100". For such numbers is Locus system not build, sorry :). I have to do some optimizations there ...


OK, thanks for the info. I have left caches in the list "just in case"...

There is no problem for me to empty the list every evening (normally)

Last Sunday I had a run of 100+ caches, but that is a once off :)


so system improved, not is should be around twice as fast .. (in real it will not be so much but at least a little bit :) ), let me know after some future testing. There is anyway not much place for more speed-up