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Johan Frisk shared this idea 6 years ago
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I really like Locus and think it's better for every time I use it, I've start to use it as my primary tracker and misses some functions in the widget:

1: Start countdown, like the one avialable from the app itself, preferable 2 different countdown with possibiltity for two setable times, ie. one for start with picking out the bicycle from the garage, locking the door put on gloves etc. and one much shorter with just pick out the bicycle from the stand and sit up, or whatever different kind of starts.

2: Drop down menu with all tracking settings. I've just found this very usefull with a lot of different possibilitys, but it's not possible to choose from the widget and even not possible to see which one is active.

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Hello Johan

for nr.2:

use large widget and click on the gear

read last chapter




One alternate to the different countdown could be start at GPS signal and movement, say 30meters from when the recording was started or something like that, a bit more than the GPS accuracy and in an specified direction.

Thank you for you tip Wolfgang. I use the big widget but I think this button starts the whole app? I would like to see the current profile directly in the widget, to know if I should just press start or change profile first, and preferably also be able to change profile without open the app itself.


Hello Johan and balloni,

1. best in this case should be add option to set "start countdown" directly to every profile, then one global countdown. So suggest to vote for this solution as it looks as only possibility for me.

2. as balloni suggested, this is recommended option. Sorry, I won't do any simplified version of settings, because I believe there is no needed for this. And yes, it partially starts app, but just a minor part of it.


Thanks for your reply,

1. It sounds like a good way to do it!

2. I realized that it wasn't the full app opening when click this button. Function seems like what I asked for, except it's not possible to see which recording profile is active from the widget. I think would be very nice to have this information without the extra menu, not often to change profile, but use to forget to change back when I've once changed.


Good day Johan,

2. understand. Anyway as I look on a widget, I can't imagine where to place another information with selected profile, without resizing of widget. And another row is not what I do not want. Only solution I see here is creating third version of widget with another row and some more options (like directly visible name of profile). Uff.

We will see if anyone will be interested in any of these options.


Personally can't see what's wrong with a third style, but also like the slickness of the app as it is today. But agree it's not that simple to add more information to it. What I can see it should in that case be a icon in the play/stop button that shows a graphic of what profile is selected. Also the count down button (or maybe even two, one up and one down with different time...) would be nice to have at this, same way as the icon in the app itself. let's see if other is in to the idea.

Thank you for taking time to answer and think about and evaluate all the ideas!

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