Windows of share is always flash !

ColdAutumn shared this problem 5 years ago
Not a Problem

Dear Menion, good days,

Now my app is 3.14.2 however I find the problem is a long time.

Because I almost don't use the share so I don't report the problem. Thank you for your understand.

And I don't also find same report in here(or maybe I didn't search for it).

Any issue see the video, please and many thanks.

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Good day,

very interesting. I've found an discussion with similar problem (maybe same) on one developers forum. Seems to be some weird problem caused by change of language inside Locus. If you se Locus language to system default, this won't happen probably.

Anyway what device and mainly Rom and Android version you have on own device?


Oh,...thank you very much for this case.

Unexpectedly now it is good because I changed my language of Locus follow your method.

And then I changed to English again, it is still good. haha...thank you ...

My android is 4.1.2 Chinese , mobile phone is samsung's SC03E(alpha), however the ROM is not a standard ROM that is be changed in Chinese forum. So I think it is not a good reference for the case.:)

In here:

(Maybe it is, sorry I don't remember where is download. However the ROM is in my laptop)

Thank you again.


Hello, hmm so I think it is some problem in this ROM. Because I've just tested it also in 4.1.2 CyanogenMode on SGS2 and it works correctly.

Anyway I'm glad that above solution helped. Also thanks for a report. At least when such problem will be reported again in future, I know what to do :).

If you don't mind, I'll mark this issue as "not a problem", as I'm quite sure, problem is not directly in Locus. Thanks for understanding.


ok, no problem...good luck

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