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Wiped Maps

John Lee shared this question 4 years ago

Your help with my questions about support for the Amazon Fire (Playing with Fire) were most helpful. You even sent to me a link to the 'Transfer maps to a new device'.

Unfortunately before I could start this and in an effort to free up some memory on my old device, I have managed to wipe all of my maps.

I have reloaded some of them but the 'All England' ,which I believe was a gift from yourselves, I cannot find.

Was this a time limited offer or is it still available. If it is, could you please advise me were to find it again please.

Many thanks................................... John

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Please disregard the above . I have now found what I need.

Sorry to have bothered you.


Hello John.

Thank you for your question.

I am happy that everything works fine now!

Kind regards


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