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Wish list, geocaching, screen on/off, rotation, measuring, hold map center, notifcation

fefrivold shared this idea 5 years ago

I love locus! But even if the app is excellent, it can also be better ;-)

I have therefore collected some wishes I have:

1. When I log a cache as found, I want the cache to be moved to a given folder. This I do with the feature "Action after found-it". This works well if the cache has already been saved. (Then it will be moved automatically). But if I log caches that are only in "live-map", then it will not work. I get an error message if I log offline. My wish is therefore that if I use live map and log offline, the cache must be stored locally.

2. I use pre-filled field note, with parameters {t} and {c}. I also want {co} for the cacheowner's name. Then we can write something like "I thank {co} for this cache".

3. Screen On / Off Control: This I sometimes use during navigation, it's great to save power. Fine that the display turns on automatically when there are instructions. But, if I want to turn on the screen otherwise, it can only be done by gestures, or manually (and then I may have to open the screen lock on the phone too). This is not very good if I navigate by bike or by car. Therefore, I want a choice under "control by gesture": that the screen turns on the screen just by tapping the screen.

4. Measuring distance by two fingers is okay, but I think it collides a bit with zooming and rotation. Besides, we often do not measure in the airline. If we are going to get some curves in the measurement now, we need to create a route and enter points. My suggestion is to create a measuring tool where we only draw free hand on the map and that this "line" is measured. If this line can also be converted to a track, it would have been nice. If this feature comes, please feel free to remove two-finger measurement from the main map. (But it's not sure anyone else agrees with me).

5. I have previously mentioned this: When I go in the field, I would like to turn off manual rotation on the map (simple multi touch), so I do not affect the map rotation when I zoom slightly.

However, when I'm home and browsing the map, I'd like to rotate the map with two fingers. It would be nice to have "Simple multi touch" in presets. (I also think there should be a shortcut to it on the bottom-panel rotation menu).

6. Similarly, the above applies to "hold map center", should be possible to put in presets.

7. I have also suggested this before, but I'm taking it now too:

When I'm geocaching, I often use sound notification during guiding. For example, I use increase frequency, or TTS. Dependent on how close I am, I often want to change the alert type from TTS to Increase frequency, or turn the sound completely off. Sorry, I have to go "deep into the menu" to change that.

My suggestion is to make a shortcut to these audio settings while guiding, for easier access to the settings.

8. Another "problem" is that the "Initial Distance" parameter is used for both repeated and Increase frequency. I wish for example to be notified with TTS every 20 meters, but when I use Increas Frequency, I will set the starting point to be 100 meters. Disse värdena er ikke relatert, og jeg må først og fremst tilpasse dem hver gang i change notofication mode. Therefore, it would be nice if Locus could remember the parameters separately according to the method used.

Thank you for making the best hiking app!

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Good day Fred,

what a long nice list.

After all these long nice months you are communicating with us on help desk, did you notices, that we all prefer simple rule ... one idea = one topic :).

It has few benefits:

  • every topic ma have own logical tags that helps to search ( like presets )
  • other users may vote and comment on single exactly defined idea. It is impossible to discuss something here
  • and finally ... user has more time to decide, if wants to spend another time on creating new topic, which may not be useful for most users ;)

What should I do with this topic? If I implement two points from here and not the rest, is topic completed? What if someone will want two topics and two don't? Should he give positive vote, negative? 8 ideas, crazy :).

So please, reconsider your ideas, split them to separate topics, tag them in best case with existing tags and mainly, please keep in mind that as I see, we have here now 685 ideas that are in state "collecting votes"!! This is huge number and mainly more complicated ideas have almost zero chance to be implemented. So for example idea no. 4 , which is completely new quite complex functionality ... no, don't want it :).

Thank you for understanding and sorry for extra work!



although topic is already declined, #2 is already possible with AddOn FieldNotes Pro.

There are variables like %cacheowner, %cachename, %cachecode and some more to use in the log.


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