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WMS cache - I know, BAD thing.


What if Locus didn't even know that a WMS is served ALONG with a basic map like.. google maps?

What if we put a muxer, and direct locus to download map from our server, and this server is going to place WMS tiles over regular map?

Locus will think, this is just a regular map (won't be able to distinguish from a non-WMS map, because it's just a bitmap), and will allow to download it, AND(!) will not break any licenses.

Now, the tricky part is to port some of the locus code (placing WMS over map), to a linux environment. Or writing the whole thing from scratch.

It would be just like automated MOBAC for wms download with added outgoing server just like google maps.

Such a configuration, would also allow, to set an image compression, we'd like to use. Adding CACHE to such a server would also be very simple, AND would allow the use for more than just one user, offloading WMS servers.

The key here is the mechanism for placing wms over a map, which is implemented in locus.

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Hello Glaeken,

on one side, your post looks like a plans you have on an own server, on second side it looks like idea we (as a Locus team) should realize. So I'm little bit confused :).

What you wrote is of course possible. If you create a simple web server that will on requests from Locus download and cache WMS map tiles, then I see no problem with it (don't know what exactly says general WMS license - if any exists).

Here is the method http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:custom_online_maps , how to add custom online map to Locus, so with it, you may add your own WMS-cache server.

If I missuderstand your post, please correct me.


Hi guys,

I recently purchased Locus Pro and am really excited about its capabilities. So far I was able to add the WMS server and overlay the tiles transparently over a map. Now I am trying to do this in cached mode. I don't think WMS maps have an offline cache, do they?

Is WMS tile caching possible and if yes, how? Your idea for WMS cache server could work if I can tell Locus to do that.

I also researched MOBAC program and read all the basic and advanced tutorials on your website. I guess I wanted to ask if you know how to add a WMS map source for MOBAC? Is it possible to have an always on transparent layer in MOBAC so I get to see the WMS tiles while having the ability to change Satellite and Topo maps?

Let me describe my application and WMS layering requirements.

I go hunting out in the mountainous regions of British Columbia, Canada. I like to cache my topo maps as well as satellite maps. The province of BC offers WMS service that outlines private and crown land (in different colors) that when overlayed over my Satellite or topo maps makes it really easy to tell where hunting is permitted or ownership permission required. I have attached a screenshot displaying map with WMS overlay.

Please let me know if you have questions or need clarification.

Thank you for your help in advance.



Hello niket0,

WMS maps has own small cache. This cache is limited to 100 tiles. Because tiles for WMS maps are 512x512 px, it's not so bad, but for some "pre-caching" before trip, it's not enough, agree.

MOBAC - if I help you add WMS maps into MOBAC, it will be same as adding direct downloading of WMS maps in Locus, which is what I don't want, sorry.


Thanks Menion,

I agree with you and the choice you are making. I believe it is driven by the desire to respect WMS providers and their infrastructure.

Perhaps I can live with what is already in place; Can you please tell me how to tell what area will be covered by the 100 tiles already cached in Locus. How can I tell the size of each tile for WMS. Would it depend on the zoom level?




I believe application described in first comment matches exactly features of this one http://mapproxy.org/

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MapProx looks really good. Thank you for interesting information even for me.

@niket0: WMS maps are cached as you see map. So when you browse map, new map tiles are cached and old are removed.

Seems also that I was incorrect - limit is set to 1000 tiles, not 100.

Directory for a wms cache is Locus/cache/wms/MAP/cache

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