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WMS issues in 3.36.2

Igor Martić shared this problem 3 years ago

Hello, since latest version when using wms maps, wms icon on the left if always active(see screenshot).

For example, I use WMS maps to check something, then shut them off (hide them) before exiting the app and when i start the app again I see wms maps icon like wms is active. To actually be able to use wms again I need to hide it/unhide it(eye icon in wms menu).

Also on a side note, when using wms maps and not hiding it upon exiting, is it possible to actually be again visible when starting the app again(orux has this feature), in previous versions when wms was active on restart it was hidden.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Igor,

at first I simulated the issue but later I played a bit with it and found solution - go to your phone file browser and find Locus directory > cache > map > wms > a folder named by last used WMS service - delete this folder. Then Locus behaves as expected - if you deactivate WMS and restart Locus, the WMS is not automatically re-activated. Try it and let me know if it helped you too. Michal


Hello Michal,

When I clear cache folder it's ok until i try again to load wms map from service, then again the same.

This is the service i use:


EDIT: I also use strava heatmap overlay and if I hide that overlay I actually see wms map every time on restart


Good day Igor,

how are you closing Locus Map app? By double-back press from main map screen? If not, please try to it by this method next time, if it helps.


Hello Menion,

double back (slow or fast) on my phone does not exit the app, simply minimises it. I have Samsung galaxy j6 2016 and i'm closing the app by button "see all running apps" on the left, then i press "X" on locus map window, it's the only way to actually close the app.



oki understand. This is not an ideal method, Locus was made for the little different approach, but your method is still perfectly valid. I've improved current behavior a little bit, so it should work as expected in the next version. Thanks

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