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Hi Locus Team,

Just few ideas about WMS :

1. What about to have the possibility to rename the WMS overlay title in the list of WMS in Locus. Sometimes, some of the WMS overlays default titles mean nothing in human language.

2. Sometimes, a WMS overlay needs a legend to read the map and to correctly understand the different areas, lines, points colors and appearance. Could we imagine for the Locus user the possibility to link by his own to the WMS, a JPEG / PDF containing the legend that he can display with a shortcut on the Locus screen ?



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I now have 2 emergency solutions:

1. Run Task in the sidebar. Then create a task in Tasker to open a file. Several can also be created.

2. With favorites, just copy the URL of the website. At OAM, I clicked the link to the legend for a long time and then copied it. The rest see instructions: https://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:user_guide:functions:quick_bookmark

Then in the sidebar. But only goes online

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