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Oliver Naumann shared this idea 7 years ago


There are some nice WMS services out there which offer high resultion altitude profiles (made from a plane, not the NASA stuff). I was trying to use them as a overlay, but Locus seems to allow that only for Online, Vector and Personal maps.

Could this be extended to WMS tiles too?


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Hello Oliver,

I firstly need to ask, why you want set WMS map as overlay? Because WMS maps already works as overlays. When you enable any WMS map, background map is still enabled so if WMS is transparent of you set a little transparency to WMS, you should see both maps at once.


yes, but I was hoping to be able to find a better diplay, as the Overlay is very dark in general. So with the standard WMS display, the map also gets very dark, or I cannot see the height profile anymore.

Not sure if this makes sense?

I am talking about this service here:



Good day Oliver,

sorry for a late answer. I tried test your service right after your post, but there were some problem on server and I wasn't able to add your WMS to Locus. And then If forget on this topic :).

I'm testing it rght now and it works. I still don't get, why to use WMS as "Maps overlay" feature.

Simply add and enable this WMS. In list of layers (or directly on map, first new button bellow menu button) is in top small slider with transparency. So you may simply define transparency of WMS layer to fit your needed.


Hi Menion,

I was hoping that I can get better result with the Overlay feature, because there are so many ways how to overlay in Locus: like add, multiply, lighten, darken etc. I have not tried them, but I was hoping that I can get better flexibility. The WMS hill shading service I posted has very dark tiles.

I trust you when you say that the result will be the same as using the current feature in WMS menu, so we can consider this topic closed...





You're correct, that using "blend mode" in "Map overlay", may be better results then by simple transparency in WMS.

On second side, this "Blend mode" settings is quite complicated and I more and more think about complete remove of this settings. Because there is really low amount of usable mods in whole list ( http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:functions:map_overlays ).

When this happen (removing of "Blend mode") option, I'll consider creating same simple settings and creating same settings also for WMS transparency.

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