WMS Temporary (Viewing) Cache

Oliver Naumann shared this idea 7 years ago

I know there has been discussion abou this already (https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/top...), but I wanted to bring this up again. Just recently I discovevered a WMS Service serving historical Maps of the area I live in, so I play around with it a lot. But what is bugging me is the fact that not even for the same session the tiles from the WMS Server are cached. So when I scroll left and right and back again Locus seems to be always reloading the Data, not only putting extra stress on the server, but also adding annoying lags when viewing.

Could there be at least a caching for the session? I don`t think this would harm any legal usage rights as it would not be permanantly, right?

Thanks a lot!

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Hello Oliver,

I perfectly understand your idea. Major problem with caching of WMS maps, is not "terms of use" of map providers, but way how to do it. When you change any layer (in list of layers), map completely change. So for same zoom level, you should have almost unlimited number of tiles.

Anyway I created very basic caching mechanism, that will temporary store on card all downloaded data, and once a time delete them. It lack any special logic, but for basic usage it will work nice.

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