Wrong order for bulk uploads of field notes

Franz shared this problem 3 years ago

FieldNotes plug-in does bulk uploads in wrong order! When I select 5 entries, the newest gets uploaded first. That's a problem, once I edit logs again via geocaching.com because then, creation time gets relevant for sequence of logs in lists.

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Good day Franz,

I'm quite sure that order of uploads has no effect on "creation time" on geocaching.com web site.

This time is a moment, when you created a log in Locus and moment when you upload it, do not change this time.

Are you sure, that there is something wrong after update? Try to describe it little more please (or some screenshot if it may helps). Thank You.


Hi Menion,

thanks for your quick reply. Please seee attached screenshot.

What I did:

  • first I uploaded #2
  • later I uploaded #3 - #14

All (#2 - #14) have proceeding log date/time, which is normally responsible for order_by in lists. But then I changed a typo in one log and saw, that order has changed. Then, I updated all logs #2 - #14 in order to fix this, and got inverse sequence as seen in screen shot.

To me, its clear: gc.com uses following order_by

  1. log_date/time
  2. log_id (or creation_date/time)

If log is entered/edited via web gui, log_time is set to 00:00. You simply have to respect log_date/time for sequence of bulk uploads. This would fix issue.


Good day Franz,

thank you for a precise description. I'm curious if this has any practical effect? Because caches are correctly logged so this is "only" graphical problem which is mainly caused but inability to handle exact time of log on geocaching.com web site.

Anyway understand your point and I see no problem with fixing this "issue" on Locus side. So expect that in next Locus Map version (this is not a problem of "Field notes add-on"), this will work as expected. Let me know later if there will be any problem.