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wrong route after recalc during track navigation

Dirk H shared this problem 8 years ago
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A roundtrip track was created using the Locus track creation feature - so, starting point and destination are not far away from each other.

The navigation was started using the button available in the tracks-menu after selecting the appropriate track. Initially the route is then calculated correctly along the chosen track.

But once the "recalculate route" button was hit, the route is calculated wrong along the shortest line between start and dest. So the track context is completely lost in this case - only starting point and destination are considered.

This happens also when the route is automatically recalculated after leaving the track or after getting a worse GPS signal.

I used BRouter offline navigation.

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Good day Dirk,

I think behavior you have is absolutely correct. What you expect from Locus to do in this case? Choose some random point and use it as "via-point" for recalculation?

If you are using Locus 3.11.x and later, there is a completely new support for via-points. To use this feature, you may create a track with "add new route" feature and add more then start and stop points. If you do this, all middle points should be used as "via-points" and during routing, they should be used as required points for recalculation.

It should be already in our manual. If not, I'll inform about it Michal and he will add missing information there.

If my instructions won't be clear, feel free to continue in discussion ;).


Hi Menion, back in business ? Hope you had a good time.

See forummessage:

Locus strict "muss pass" via points navigation. Actual v3.11.3 "viapoint" behaviour ! I prefer these simple "via points" helpers, used in (Locus) design, and freedom to deviate from design, without "must pass" via points, no autorecalculate selected. Only using return to track simple guiding system when offtrack. As there is already a strict nav modus available (a conflicting modus with autorecalculate feature).

Possible ? Even when using automatic recalculation, if in offtrack position, keep also the original trackdesign visible, and when returned ontrack ( free return by reading map display) autoswitch navigation back to the original track design/instructions. Similar to simple return to track guiding result. Functional with tracks (with or without navpoints) also from external sources without any integrated "via"s".


Other formulation. User follows "Master" (nav)track design. If going offtrack, Locus autorecalculate suggests alternative "slave" navtrack. User decides, or follow new suggested slave track or a return to the unchanged "Master" (nav)track.


Ah thanks, you are correct that via-points do not work correctly. I've found and fixed this issue, so it will work correctly in next Locus version.

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