Zoomlevel changes when Exit Locus

Zailor shared this problem 8 years ago

Have I missed any settings??

I set Offline Google map hybrid zoomlevel "Offline(16)"

I uncheck a blue track to do it invisible

Now I Exit Locus, wait 5s and start Locus again.

I can see a black/green "stripe" and "Loading" (never seen before)

Locus now start in zoomlevel "Offline(11)" ( and not(16)

When I zoom back to "Offline(16)" I can see the blue track again.

Before I uppgrade to 2.1.0 (I think) the zoomlevel was the same when I Exit and start Locus.

I think also, that if I unchecked a track it not came back if I exit and start Locus !?



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Zailor sorry, my issue. Fixed