Fast creation of the important routeplanner points Shape AND Via

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As for roundtrips navigation autorerouting to point, multiple Via’s are a must. Locus v3.26 route planning by Shaping points is fast, but any Via creation mainly to be used for navigation (re)routing retards the fluent planning sequence.

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Short tap create Shaping, next tap (same postion) a *standard Via Point.

By short on point taps, function toggle between Shape <=> standard Via.

If occasionaly need a special TTS announcement -> Menu by long on point tap.

*Standard Via Point: By fixed (pre)set <name><desc><sym> (config.cfg)

Locus default Via Point: <name>Via Point <desc>empty <sym>icon_direction_down

User set Via Point example: <name>empty <desc>empty <sym>Waypoint

(A TTS silent Via point at navigation represented by a very discrete dot Icon)

By long (on point) tap: Pop up menu. To final result by minimum (=>) total taps.


  1. => Delete
  2. => Move
  3. =>To Trackpoint
  4. =>To Shaping Point
  5. =>To Navigation Point => SELECT Navigation Icon => SAVE
  6. =>To Via(Info)Point => EDIT name => EDIT description => SELECT Garmin/Locus Icon => SAVE


Update by actual Locus version: = Supports the <cmt> (comment) element in ViaPoints.


6. =>To Via(Info)Point => EDIT name => EDIT comment => SELECT Garmin/Locus Icon => SAVE