Fast creation of the important routeplanner points Shape AND Via

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As for roundtrips navigation autorerouting to point, multiple Via’s are a must. Locus v3.26 route planning by Shaping points is fast, but any Via creation mainly to be used for navigation (re)routing retards the fluent planning sequence.

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Short tap create Shaping, next tap (same postion) a *standard Via Point.

By short on point taps, function toggle between Shape <=> standard Via.

If occasionaly need a special TTS announcement -> Menu by long on point tap.

*Standard Via Point: By fixed (pre)set <name><desc><sym> (config.cfg)

Locus default Via Point: <name>Via Point <desc>empty <sym>icon_direction_down

User set Via Point example: <name>empty <desc>empty <sym>Waypoint

(A TTS silent Via point at navigation represented by a very discrete dot Icon)

By long (on point) tap: Pop up menu. To final result by minimum (=>) total taps.


  1. => Delete
  2. => Move
  3. =>To Trackpoint
  4. =>To Shaping Point
  5. =>To Navigation Point => SELECT Navigation Icon => SAVE
  6. =>To Via(Info)Point => EDIT name => EDIT description => SELECT Garmin/Locus Icon => SAVE


Update by actual Locus version: = Supports the <cmt> (comment) element in ViaPoints.


6. =>To Via(Info)Point => EDIT name => EDIT comment => SELECT Garmin/Locus Icon => SAVE


Very important. Via points aren't easy to add and even as a long time Locus user I was not aware of their importance for auto/rerouting.


A very similar (history) idea was here. (+14 Votes)

An Idea suggestion based on the previously older planner method.

I even forgot..and no I do not completey restudy my own older history suggestion again.

But it seems even the Shape Point expression was not used and unknown than ;-)

Most important in actual method creation Shape <=> Via Point by a fast toggle switch.

End of message.


Good day guys,

suggest to try new Beta version (just published) ;).

Feedback of course welcome.


The new route recalculation is pretty obvious how to use & seems to work well, but a news-style blog post on the whole Route Planner could be of wide interest to a lot of people. I gave the new beta a quick spin & it all seems working nicely but there are probably many subtle areas where I could learn better methods or discover hidden features (short tap/ long tap/ drag combinations).


This topic is about creating of new shaping/via/navig points, not about route recalculation. Give a try to long-click on the map, click on generated navigation point, click on existing shaping point (green triangle) or via point (blue square). On dialog you will see I spend most of time and this should help solve main problem of this topic: quick change/creating of these points.


Sure, but both topics are about the route planner. My suggestion is there are so many combinations of taps & drags, modes & contexts it's hard to know what to expect, so a nicely written blog would possibly save or head-off this unnecessary discussion.

A short tap on a small blue (nav) point changes it to a larger blue point. But a 2nd short tap on this now larger blue point does nothing. I can tap the Bin button for the new larger blue point but it remains large.

A long tap on a small blue point does nothing except display address details on bottom line status. I also experienced a crash & have sent details.

Is the new functionality as per 0709's original steps (1..6)? For me at step 4 shaping point, another short tap displays the bottom line status "shaping point" + Bin icon but it is not possible to change to nav point or select navigation icon.


Hmm you see only label + bin icon? On what device you test it? There should be another row of buttons below this label. Maybe try to swipe up this small bottom dialog.


Your favorite version Android 4.4 ;-(

Original view only shows 1 bottom row "shaping point" type + bin icon:


When I swipe up extra 2 rows are visible:


These hidden rows explains my confusion - sorry. It all makes perfect sense now - great feature. Because these three extra bottom rows are only displayed while a point is selected is there an advantage to hide two (of 3) rows? Maybe the 2nd row TYPE could be merged into the 1st row to reduce wasted space? Then only two rows are needed and no need to swipe upwards.


Hmm this "swipe" is unwanted, I'll try to get rid of it.

Saving space is not wanted here I believe. You tapped on the point because you wants to change something. So it is more usable if the buttons are bigger and more easily reached. After tap, panel disappear and till it's visible, you cannot do anything other then work with it.

Anyway consider "swipe" as removed.


Hi. I found some spare time to have a quick look.

Fast and Quick ! So this report maybe not complete nor correct.

I think beta does the job nicely. And I do confirm the remarks by Andrew.

What do I miss ?

- Via Point standard default Icon: + Add free select Icon (Garmin_Locus) edit by <sym>

- In both Nav point and Via point: Add free text edit of the <cmt> element.

<cmt> text edit: = Or New or Replace or Fine tune already existing <cmt> info.

(As for example the street name as delivered by the GraphHopper router module)

<cmt> element: At active Navigation = Shown info text in the top bar.

By my usual example test circuit. By the method file gpx track_navwpt.

The demo gpx file has integrated one single Shape Point marker.

Find the gpx file in the attachment please. Import into Locus.

After import into the planner the shape point (= suggestion/idea) shows up as a Via Point.

Possible to be recognised as Shape ? I do realise this is another idea suggestion.

Shape point sharing solution by gpx out_in was suggested before in the standard Locus discussion forum.

That suggested method by gpx triggered no reaction exept by Andrew and I think one another user ;-)


Shape = gpx waypoint 13 in example picture.



Working very nicely in Thanks Menion.