Locus Addon FieldNotes - Import possible?

Martin shared this idea 3 years ago
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Hi out there,

I am looking for an android app to organize my fieldnotes which I create on my garmin devices.

There I get a geocache_visits.txt which I can copy to my android tablet (using USB OTG), and there I want to add some text and then upload it to groundspeak.

Is there a way to upload a textfile called geocache_visits.txt to your app? So this would be perfect for us!

Perhaps other users would be interested in using this addon this way, too.

Bye and thanks,

Martin aka Eastpak1984, Germany

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Perhaps the ability to export and import FieldNotes could be implemented so that we could keep our phones and tablets in sync.


Good day Martin, John,

at least small workaround: in latest version of Locus Map 3.26+, it is possible to import caches where is also own "Found" log. If Locus find such log during import, it will automatically create field note in database.


I also miss sync of finds in my devices (phone, tablet). I use the phone for looking for caches and tablet for planning. At the end of the day, I want to have my finds in tablet too. I exported the txt file from my phone, but I can't import it to Locus in my tablet.

I haven't posted the logs online (as an owner I hate logs "TFTC. More later."), I use only field notes. GC API (probably) doesn't allow to download these notes from the web.

Is it possible to sync finds (using filed notes) on Locus? How?