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Garmin maps on Locus

Completed Wolfgang K. Locus Map Comments: 95 Reply 4 years ago by Menion
50 votes

Upload Tracks/Fit to Garmin Connect website

Declined omgyja Locus Map Comments: 10 Reply 8 months ago by Menion
20 votes

Suppot import of Garmin .fit files

Completed Charles H. Locus Map Comments: 29 Reply 14 months ago by Lukáš H.
31 votes

Invalid GPX 1.1 export

Solved Pole Locus Map Comments: 4 Reply 5 years ago by Pole
1 vote

Locus Addon FieldNotes - Import possible?

Collecting votes Martin add-on Field Notes Comments: 9 Reply 21 months ago by Menion
9 votes
2 votes

Garmin watches (Fenix 3, Forerunner and others)

Completed Josef W. add-on Garmin Comments: 13 Reply 13 months ago by Jan Č.
24 votes

Support for Garmin Edge Remote

Collecting votes Greg B. add-on Garmin Comments: 14 Reply 3 years ago by Greg B.
7 votes

TCX export as Activity rather than as Course

Completed Daniel A. Locus Map Comments: 17 Reply 2 years ago by Menion
4 votes

Tracksource map not working properly anymore

Closed Danilo Locus Map Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by Petr V.
1 vote

ANT Manager: Chirp without coordinates

Archived sonny Locus Map Comments: 2 Reply 14 months ago by sonny
1 vote

Locus Map for Garmin - new app for Garmin devices

In Progress Jan Č. add-on Garmin Comments: 89 Reply 4 hours ago by Miha J.
8 votes

LoMaps for Garmin devices

Declined Hrabosh Locus Map Comments: 4 Reply 11 months ago by Hrabosh
1 vote

Display of Garmin Varia Radar in Locus

Collecting votes Josef Ž. Locus Map Comments: 3 Reply 12 days ago by Roman P.
2 votes

Extend Garmin GPX compatibilty

Declined Peter S. Locus Map Comments: 12 Reply 5 months ago by Menion
1 vote