Pedometer / Stepcounter

berkley shared this idea 6 years ago
Collecting votes

Hey Folks,

I was recently thinking, if anybody would use a pedometer or a step counter in Locus?

What do you think about it? It may be usefull for hikers and runners...

Just an idea, I wouldn`t use it ;)

Cheers, berkley

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sorry Matthias, I think that this feature will not be implemented :)


Five years ago, I've declined this idea. In that time, it was quite complicated to make this task working, mainly because almost no device supported counting steps, so external sensors was needed.

Time has changed ... and Marek opened this topic after years. I've merged your idea here and opened this old topic again. Still just two votes, but I can imagine this idea now and mainly it's doable. Happy voting.


I start use locus, and use it when walking, but i have to use third-party pedometer for count of my steps length. It seems to me that you will get additional users if you implement a pedometer and announce as a oedometer recording tracks and counting the length of the step in different modes.