Bearing beep notification in point guidance

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 3 years ago
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In Settings>Guidance>Notifications of Points, if you had an option to Beep when the device heading matched the Guidance bearing, you would get an audible indicator without looking at phone roughly which way you had to go.

Also It would be handy to have a 90 degree offset.

Reason being there are a lot of large screen Android OS watches now, like ticwris Max and Lemfo LemT that have 640x480 resolution, could probably run Locus and be warn on wrist

If you stick out your arm, it will Beep when arm points in correct direction.

This android wear app does the same thing but you have to locate the point on its inbuilt Google Maps first. I use it a lot but as it doesnt link to the locus POI, not so usefull, The developer has stopepd supporting it so we cant link to it from locus.

If it could send an intent to the tasker plugin, then tasker could activate a beep/sound/turn on LED, which might assist with this idea


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Ive found this similar idea

But rather than calling out with TTS every so often, beeping only when phone is horizontal and bearing==heading would be less intrusive.

In the mean time im going to see if I can achieve in tasker using the tasker locus plugin.

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