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Marty McFly shared this problem 3 years ago

I think this belongs to the G4L addon category, but I'm not sure. Correct me if needed.

I have updated (final) coordinates on a geocache. Then they change (for any reason,), but when I update the cache, they remain the same - the first updated ones. No matter how many times I update them on the webpage, it does not reflect in Locus.(Screens 1-3)

Related "Notes" section is the same. Once, it creates it, but not any more edits later.

(Screenshots 4-7)

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Just a quick comment, this is not new, I saw this at least in 09/2018, I just didn't pay enough attention to it.


Can you please write me if your problem has already been solved?

Unfortunately, the developer G4L does not respond and if the problem persists, try to contact him directly via the support email from Google Play (under his add-on).

Thank you for answer.

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This is long time (or permanent) problem with corrected coords loaded into saved cache. The only workaround solution is delete the cache, reload it again from livemap and save again to list.

Pay attention, this unfortunately delete permanently your manually created waypoints and notes!

If you are PM, you can save Notes directly on web. But PW not. The only way is, scribe WPts to Note too.


Hi guys,

agree, this is a long time problem, not directly related to G4L, but rather directly in the Locus Map.

Currently, only the first update of the cache overwrites notes & final coordinates. Because Locus Map does not receive time of the last edit on the web (or in PQ file), the app can't be sure if the data that comes are new compare to local data or not. Solution? Tips are welcome, anyway most probably the only solution is some manual (checkbox) confirmation from the user that local data should really be overwritten.


Thanks for reply Menion!

Manual confirming of local overwrite is acceptable, but currently is (as I know?) available for Notes only (online versus offline version). For final coords is no method to force update again from website.

Best will be, add for coords the same functionality for manual confirm, and ideally for reverse direction too -> upload coords from Locus to website.

(btw. this is one of two only functions, that missing me in Locus compared to c:geo. The second is, online check of found logs of my geo-friends, declared on, not only in app)

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