Add "move to next/previous" trackpoint for existing track

StehtimSchilf shared this idea 16 days ago
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As I've asked here

there is no option yet to move along the trackpoints of an existing track. Often I want to determine the trackpoint near a certain location which is sometimes impossible as there are too many trackpoints recorded (e.g. during a hike break).

It would be just so simple to have a "go next/previous" trackpoint while displaying the details of a trackpoint.

thank you


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Agreed, it's very tedious at present.

SiS I think this is a duplicate of at least 3 other topics, since merged.


your link

is indeed the same request as mine, and it is even 7 years old. Interesting this topic didn't show up as I was writing mine.

So, everybode should up vote the topic linked above!

Thx Andrew!