Track screen/editor - swipe through points

berkley shared this idea 6 years ago
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Hi everybody,

Wouldn`t it be nice, after having info screen for a single point open, a simple left/right swipe shows the previous/next point?

What do you guys think?

Cheers, berkley

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You are right, just in the last days I stumbled through several points of a track to delete some of them which were nonsense (had e.g. the latest WLAN location instead of GPS location (don`t worry this track was made end of last year, don`t know if newly recorded tracks could have similar problems).

So, +1 from me.


hehe, i was planning to add similar idea.

now, we need to click on the arrows to get to the next point, so to jump from 1st to 20th point I will need 19 clicks. There should be an option to just press the arrow constantly, so we will just traverse all points faster. after a longer press, the points should be changed even faster ( we can jump every 5 or 10 or .. 100 points).



simple but useful idea, see my merged topic