Sailing on Caribbean sea coast

Luis Javier Lammel shared this question 3 months ago

Hi all!

I'm new here, and I'll start soon a big adventure onboard a small hobie cat through the Caribbean sea, coastal sailing, starting from Mexico.

I just discovered locus map and all its features, but I'm a bit lost.

Can you please help me? I need to know what should I do/download/install/buy to use marine charts in live mode on my smartphone (offline). I need it for safety reasons, because I'll sail over shallow and reef areas.

Also I'm planning to get a garmin handheld chart plotter so I can have 2 devices in case one is not working. I saw the open sea maps can be downloaded and used in that devices, right? What kind of maps should I download in that case so I can use them in both (garmin gps and smartphone with Locus Map)?

I'm always trying to find the cheapest solution, avoiding expensive suscriptions (like garmin / navionics does).

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Luis,

first of all, Locus Map is primarily designed and developed for hiking, biking or geocaching, not for sailing. Nevertheless, there are OpenSeaMaps in the app's online map portfolio. The OSM can be downloaded for offline use with a limit of 10000 tiles per day. I'm not sure what you expect from the maps but we have them down to zoom 16 (approx. 1:25000 scale) and they don't contain bathymetry. However, Locus Map supports adding custom maps in many formats (sqlitedb, mbtiles, gemf, tar...) so if you get some maps usable for your purpose, you can display them in Locus.

As for the Garmin devices, we can't advise much, only that their map format IMG is only partially compatible with Locus.

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